Permanent Staffing

We provide top notch, fully screened and qualified candidates in every industry and at every level. Permanent staffing is one of the less time consuming,and cost effective ways to hire the right people who fit into your company’s culture. We use consultative and client specific strategies to meet your diverse business needs.

Contract Staffing

We provide integrated solutions for temporary staffing to hire for various segments of industry and corporate levels. We take care of sourcing, documentation, managing activities, compliance with statutory requirements and payroll processing of the personnel provided by us.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

We get in partnership with organizations that seek a major competitive advantage by means of selective or complete recruitment process outsourcing. We provide our clients with various RPO services that includes Job Posting Management, Candidate Sourcing, Candidate Screening, Employee On-Boarding, Employee Off- Boarding, and Reference Checking.

Direct Placements

We provide valuable,qualified and talented personnel who turn into an indispensable asset for your company. We give you relief from the entire hassle of the recruitment process and provide you with pre-screened and tested candidates. We help you meet your staffing requirements with less average cost per hire.

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