Simple Motions to Simplified Marketing.
HorizonFLIX, An innovative case study series from AmisCorp, targeting international clients for Horizon Immigrations.

Everything counts from a well-designed case study story board to hand picking some simplified elements, moves and colours. HorizonFLIX is filmed with illustrations and info graphics. Our excellent team has come up with a geo-targeting case study series theme, which is country specific for each series.

This flexible theme can be adapted to all other target regions of the client. We have launched HorizonFLIX - Episode 1 with Nigerian market study. The Nigerian case study engaged the target audience worldwide. A customized approach to the storyboard and theme could draw the right hearts to the brand.


A video is a connective language. From Explainer Videos to Emotive Graphics, Commercials to Sales Pitches we frame every face of your business.

At AmisCorp, we believe in visual and verbal artistry to reach your audience.

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